für einen mottenfreien Kleiderschrank
Nicht mit mir ...
für Küche, Lager, Speisekammer
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Nützlinge gegen Kleidermotten – beseitigt Motten bevor sie schlüpfen!

Mottenfreier Kleiderschrank


Nützlinge gegen Lebensmittelmotten – beseitigt Motten bevor sie schlüpfen!

Mottenfreie Küche


„Ich krieg’ Euch – wenn Ihr Euch zeigt!“ – beseitigt fliegende Falter.

Motten - WO und WELCHE?

Clothes moths

Beneficials against clothes moths – kills moths before they hatch!

Food moths

Beneficials against food moths – removes moths before they can hatch!


„I will get you – if you show up!“ – removes flying moths.


Nuttige organismen tegen kleermotten – verwijdert motten vóórdat deze uitkomen!


Nuttige organismen tegen voedselmotten – verwijdert motten vóórdat deze uitkomen!


“Ik zal jullie krijgen – zodra ik jullie zie!” – Verwijdert vliegende motten.

Return policy

Cancellation instruction

The right of the consumer to withdraw from the contract  §§ 5e ff Austrian Consumer Protection Act (KSchG):

1. Right of withdrawal and withdrawal period:

1.1 Customers who are consumers as defined in § 1 of the Austrian Consumer Protection Act are entitled to withdraw from distant contracts or a submitted distant selling order without justification.

1.2 The withdrawal time limit is 14 working days whereby Saturday is not counted as a working day. It shall suffice to send the declaration of withdrawal within the withdrawal period. 
1.3 For contracts governing the delivery of goods, the period starts with the day the goods were received by the consumer and for contracts governing the rendering of services it starts with the day the contract is executed. 

1.4 In case the seller has failed to fulfil his obligations to provide information as specified in Austrian Consumer Protection Act the withdrawal period is extended three months from the times specified in 1.3. In case the seller is delayed in fulfilling his obligations to provide information within this period the withdrawal period of 7 working days shall begin at the point in time at which the seller provides the required information.

1.5 The withdrawal is to be dirceted in writing (letter, email, telefax) to:
MOTTENshop® - Natürliche Feinde Handels GmbH - Office Vienna (AT)
Rudolfsplatz 1/15b, 1010 Vienna, Austria
Telephone: +43 1 22 600 22
Telefax: +43 1 22 600 22 10

1.6 The customer has no right to withdraw from a contract delete what is not applicable) for goods manufactured to the buyer's specifications, that are clearly tailored to a person's individual specifications, that are not suitable for return because of their characteristics, that could spoil quickly or that have expired; as well as for audio or video recordings or software if the original seal has been broken by the buyer.

2. Consequences of withdrawal and costs:

2.1 If  the consumer exercises the right of withdrawal all goods received are to be returned.


2.2 The seller is obliged to reimburse the customer the sums paid and to compensate the consumer for all necessary and useful expenses incurred in this matter.

2.3 The consumer must return to the seller any goods received, as well as pay him/her adequate remuneration for their use and compensate the seller for any resulting loss of market value; the mere fact that the goods have passed into the consumer's custody alone does not constitute a loss of value.


2.4 The consumer shall only be charged for the direct cost of returning the goods. End of the cancellation instruction