für einen mottenfreien Kleiderschrank
Nicht mit mir ...
für Küche, Lager, Speisekammer
Weg mit dem Befall
Produkte für die professionelle Anwendung
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Nützlinge gegen Kleidermotten – beseitigt Motten bevor sie schlüpfen!

Mottenfreier Kleiderschrank


Nützlinge gegen Lebensmittelmotten – beseitigt Motten bevor sie schlüpfen!

Mottenfreie Küche


„Ich krieg’ Euch – wenn Ihr Euch zeigt!“ – beseitigt fliegende Falter.

Motten - WO und WELCHE?

Clothes moths

Beneficials against clothes moths – kills moths before they hatch!

Food moths

Beneficials against food moths – removes moths before they can hatch!


„I will get you – if you show up!“ – removes flying moths.


Nuttige organismen tegen kleermotten – verwijdert motten vóórdat deze uitkomen!


Nuttige organismen tegen voedselmotten – verwijdert motten vóórdat deze uitkomen!


“Ik zal jullie krijgen – zodra ik jullie zie!” – Verwijdert vliegende motten.

Why are moths so dangerous?

Moths are considered dangerous to humans and also for pets because they contaminate food and certain types of pet food (such as dry pellets) with their feces and their white cocoons – left from the caterpillar. Contact with food and textiles that has been infested by the moths can lead to allergic reactions and mucosal irritations for humans and pets. Consuming of moth infested food can also lead to intestinal diseases.

Rapid spread

The main reason why the Moth are dangerous is, that they can spread very quickly. Additionally moths can invade nearly every place. The preferred places of these pests are cracks, crevices and holes in furniture, walls and ceilings, but also any other place which is difficult to access. That is how for instance any moth species manage to get through e.g. screw threads. In this way they can also hide in the tiny space left over in drill holes that is not completely filled. Even food that is vacuum packed in plastic is not safe from the aggressive pests because moths can bite their way through thin plastic foils, too. Once a single food product in a cupboard has been infested, the moths will spread very fast through the cupboard – and from there into whole room and eventually the whole house. Even the front door is not an invincible obstacle for these tough insects, despite the short lifetime of a full-grown moths of only 2 weeks, as they can cover a distance of a few hundred meters in this time.

Hiding in the tiniest crevice

These tiny insects travel very fast, not only over even surfaces but can also crawl up walls.


From an infested dwelling pantry / flour / clothes moths can spread in a racing speed and eventually infest complete blocks of flats and streets of houses. What begins with just one infested grocery can become a proper plague. The essential thing when it comes to combatting moths is therefore to proceed consequently and thoroughly - because only if all larvae have been eliminated you can prevent that a moth population can regenerate itself in a short time and infest the household again.