für einen mottenfreien Kleiderschrank
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für Küche, Lager, Speisekammer
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Nützlinge gegen Kleidermotten – beseitigt Motten bevor sie schlüpfen!

Mottenfreier Kleiderschrank


Nützlinge gegen Lebensmittelmotten – beseitigt Motten bevor sie schlüpfen!

Mottenfreie Küche


„Ich krieg’ Euch – wenn Ihr Euch zeigt!“ – beseitigt fliegende Falter.

Motten - WO und WELCHE?

Clothes moths

Beneficials against clothes moths – kills moths before they hatch!

Food moths

Beneficials against food moths – removes moths before they can hatch!


„I will get you – if you show up!“ – removes flying moths.


Nuttige organismen tegen kleermotten – verwijdert motten vóórdat deze uitkomen!


Nuttige organismen tegen voedselmotten – verwijdert motten vóórdat deze uitkomen!


“Ik zal jullie krijgen – zodra ik jullie zie!” – Verwijdert vliegende motten.

Help!! What can be done against moths?

The MOTTENshop® method is very simple to use. And has effective results. Make use of the thoroughness and effectiveness of their natural enemies when combatting a food or clothes moths infestation: Sustainable and without poison. 


1. Identifying: „I will get you – when you show up!“

Place pheromone traps to test if the is an infestation. And pin-point the exact moth hot-spot!


2. Combat - Infantry: „Ground troops – march!“

Send the infantry into action – the ichneumon flies trichogramma evanescens. These insects can’t fly and are therefore perfect if you want to exactly determine the infestation spot (i.e. Kitchen cupboard or wardrobe). Ichneumon flies are the natural enemies of clothes and food moths. 


3. Combat - Cavalry: „The mobile troops are coming!“

The braconic wasps (Habrobracon hebetor) can fly and is useful if you can exactly identify the location of the infestation (i.e. storage room). Braconic wasps are only useful against food moths.  


4. Prevention: „Never again a moth infestation!“

Prevent effectively: With our 12 tips and tricks against clothes moths  and with our 10 tips and tricks against food moths. – die the oil mixture „MOTH-Guard“

Types of moths and identification

Warehouse, cocoa and tobacco moth, house moth, flour moth and dried fruit moth – those are the most common pests. With whom am I dealing with? Here the profiles of the villains!

Biological approach – without toxins!!

Would you have known? Conventional insecticides that are used when combatting moths are mostly synthetic poisons that can cause harm to humans and pets. There is a better way!

Why are moths so dangerous?

The female dried fruit moths lay up to 300 eggs with up to four generations per year. One moth can produce as much as 1200 offspring. Read more...

Our beneficials

May we introduce ourselves? That’s us! The ichneumon wasp trichogramma evanescens and the braconic wasp habrobracon hebetor. If you personally are interested in us – then have a look here: Learn more about us here!