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Nützlinge gegen Kleidermotten – beseitigt Motten bevor sie schlüpfen!

Mottenfreier Kleiderschrank


Nützlinge gegen Lebensmittelmotten – beseitigt Motten bevor sie schlüpfen!

Mottenfreie Küche


„Ich krieg’ Euch – wenn Ihr Euch zeigt!“ – beseitigt fliegende Falter.

Motten - WO und WELCHE?

Clothes moths

Beneficials against clothes moths – kills moths before they hatch!

Food moths

Beneficials against food moths – removes moths before they can hatch!


„I will get you – if you show up!“ – removes flying moths.


Nuttige organismen tegen kleermotten – verwijdert motten vóórdat deze uitkomen!


Nuttige organismen tegen voedselmotten – verwijdert motten vóórdat deze uitkomen!


“Ik zal jullie krijgen – zodra ik jullie zie!” – Verwijdert vliegende motten.


May we introduce ourselves? It’s us! Your big household helper and rescue troop for all storage and production facilities in the trade, wholesale and retail industry (even if you can hardly see us with the naked eye). We: the natural enemies of moths. The big family of ichneumon flies. Here we will introduce ourselves with first and surname.

Moth infantry: Ichneumon wasp / moth egg parasitoids

Trichogramma evanescens

Target pests

Food moths (such as dried fruit moth, flour moth, warehouse moth) but also clothes moth and honeycomb moth.

Description - operational area:

The ichneumon wasp and moth egg parasitoids - are the moth infantry specialists for the extermination of moths. Because of their convenient size - they are only 0,3 mm in size - they can access every place where moth larvae is. Moth larvae normally also gets into packaged products. Because of the exceptional well developed sense of smell the tricogramma finds the eggs of food moths and parasites these. The ichneumon wasp cannot fly and is therefore only effective in a limited area (1 tricho card per shelf). Remember when you are sending them into operation, that you are the commander in chief and have to place the ichneumon wasps correctly. Show her where the infestation is happening (we have trained her well so that she then will know what to do). After all the moths have been destroyed the ichneumon wasps move on or die. The ichneumon wasps are completely harmless for “man and cat” and will not even be noticed by the human organism.


The tricho cardboard that you have received must be placed or hung up close to the infested area. IMPORTANT: The tricho cardboards need to have a contact point (= bridged) to the shelf! For each separate compartment in the wardrobe or kitchen cupboard one cardboard is necessary. To ensure that the placement has a long-term success you will receive cardboards with 3.000 ichneumon wasps/ infantry troops each in a time space of three weeks.

Product sheet for ichneumon wasps
2011.12 MOTTENshop Produktblatt Trichogr
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Ichneumon wasps / moth egg parasitoids - Trichogramma evanescens



Combatting larvae directly at the investation area



Moth infantry ("not quick on foot")



Limited area of operation (per shelf compartment 1 cardboard) /crave for moths eggs but lazy to hunt (="You are the commander in chief and must place them correctly - show them where the infestation is happening")



Trichogramma evanescens on cardboard with 3.000 units per cardboard


Product group:

Beneficial arthropodes


Country of origin:

Germany, indigenous


Shelf life:

7 days at 8°-12°C. At room temperatur the beneficials hatch continuously over 21 days.

Moth cavalry: braconic wasps:

Habrobracon hebetor

Target pests:

Flour moth, dried fruit moth, warehouse moth and tropical warehouse moth, in certain cases also small and large honeycomb moth

Description - operational area:

The braconic wasp / flour moth ichneumon wasp - habrobracon hebetor - are the mobile troop of the moth cavalry (specialists) for the elimination of moths. The braconic wasp is 2 - 4 mm in size and can fly in an a range of ca. 20 m² (à 1 tubule). The braconic wasp is very keen to hunt, finds hidden moth larvae, paralyses these and in this way prevents their next stage of development to a moth. The braconic wasp is ready for action at a temperature from 16° C. Braconic wasps can survive without food or hosts for a long space of time so they can virtually be bought into action “precautionary”. After all the moths are eliminated the wasps move on or die. Braconic wasps are harmless for “man and cat”.


The tubules that you have received must be placed opened up in an infested room. The braconic wasps will be delivered in different stages of their development so that they will hatch sequentially in a time frame of four weeks and become active.

Product sheet for braconic wasps
2011.12 MOTTENshop Produktblatt Habrobra
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Braconic wasp/ flour moth ichneumon wasp box - habrobracon hebetor



flies around to look for larvae and destroys these



Moth cavalryen-Kavallerie (mobile troops)



Battle proven warriors and protectors of groceries and clothes, very keen hunters, area of operation ca. 20 m² (per 1-2 rooms 1 tubule)



30 braconic wasps in plastic tubules


Product group:

Beneficial arthropodes


Country of origin:

Germany, indigenous

Shelf life: 7 days at 4°-8°C. At room temperature the beneficials hatch continuously over14 days.